Job Hunting in Japan: Timeline for Third Year of University

August 25, 2021 2 min read

Third year of university is usually the kick-off year for many students' shukatsu journey. Here is the timeline of what will go down during your third year. Remember, preparation is key!

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3rd Year = Shukatsu Kick-off Year!

You may have started university in April or September, but the Shukatsu (job hunting)  schedule in Japan has one timeline. For 3rd year students, we will introduce the most common Shukatsu schedule below!

March of the 2nd Year → September of the 3rd Year

Right after you complete your 2nd year, the months between March to May is the preparation period before the main Shukatsu begins. We strongly recommend you do Company Research, Industry Research, Self Analysis, and study for Web Aptitude Tests. From June to September, the application process for summer internships starts (Learn more about it in this article!). During this period, you will write a lot of ES and take Web Aptitude Tests numerous times. Prepare by doing more thorough Self Analysis and test preparation! In addition, you can signal your motivation and seriousness by applying to your dream companies early on. Try to expand your options, and apply for internships at a variety of companies!

October of the 3rd Year → February

After summer internships end, applications for Fall/Winter Internships (Learn more about it in this article!) and company information sessions open. Similar to the summer internship period, you will submit many ES and Web Aptitude Test results. This means you can practice a lot before applying for full-time positions! In addition, you may get benefits if you perform well in fall/winter internships, like skipping rounds in the full-time position selection process! The information so far is for traditional big Japanese corporations. International companies and even some Japanese companies will open applications for full-time positions early. The deadline for these early full-time applications varies greatly, and some do year-round recruitment (通年採用). It’s important to research each company’s recruitment schedule (To stay updated, we recommend taking tips from this article! ). This is important for people who want to get a job at an international company; however, if you get an early offer from international companies, it may be beneficial when you go through the selection process at Japanese companies. For these reasons, Even if these are not your top choice, we recommend you apply!

March of the 3rd Year

From the First of March, Japanese companies open applications for full-time positions. From this point to May of your 4th year, you will be working on ES, Web Aptitude Test, and OBOG Visit to prepare. The schedule is very tight for all shukatsu students--task and schedule management is key in this period! Research and organize the application schedule for the companies you’re applying for and plan your strategy accordingly. 
These are the most common shukatsu timeline. If you research online, you will find other methods, but the common thing is to start early––research, schedule, and prepare early!

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