Give advice and Support 就活 Journey
for Global Students in Japan

Your support is priceless for global students in Japan
Join JPort Senpai Community to make
Borderless 就活, Borderless Japan.

Why become a Senpai?

Living on foreign soil without your family isn’t easy.
Doing 就活 in Japan is not just challenging but stressful sometimes.
Students need role-model to stay motivated. They need you.

Responsibilities of Senpai

Senpais answer questions from students on weekly basis
just like like Yahoo! Answers or Reddit.
*Note: There will be screening process by JPort after your application.


Commercial activities,
slandering, harassment and
abuse are strictly prohibited.

Answer Questions

All Senpais are required to
answer at least 3 questions
per week.

Reply to Comments

Recommended to reply to
students comments to keep
your ratings high at all time.

Become a Mentor

A “Mentor” records a video
course to share more in-depth
knowledge / experience.

Senpais on JPort Journal

Many young global professionals in Japan are sharing their 就活 tips to kohais

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ALL features on JPort Journal are provided for FREE
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