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I'm Mandukhai Erkhembayar

Account Manager

Business Administration


English, Japanese, Mongolain

I'm Mandukhai Erkhembayar

Account Manager

Business Administration


English, Japanese, Mongolain

About Mandukhai Erkhembayar

Hi! I was born and raised in Mongolia until I was 16 years old. I came to Japan when I was in high school where I had to learn Japanese. It was really challenging because on top of having to study Japanese, I had no international friends in school. It was my first time abroad so I also experienced cultural differences, language barriers and such. After high school, I took the Japanese university entrance examinations and got accepted into Meiji University for Business Administration. During my time in Meiji, I took a leave of absence for a semester to work at a startup company, JPort and to do my job hunting. Aside from that, I love traveling, making new friends, sports and going to the gym! 

What did you do during college?

Activities that she put their most effort in・her most memorable experience:

  • JPort Internship 

    • The first two months were really difficult but after that, I took on the challenge of creating new events and executing important tasks.  I interacted with the other members, received constructive criticism and got a lot of feedback which helped me grow and accomplish my own goals for the company. I brainstormed new ideas like the JPort Senpai Community, made new programs, worked on SNS promotions and content creation - overall contributed as much as I can! 

  • Exchange student in Canada

    • I also went to Canada as an exchange student in university. I decided to go because I felt Japan was becoming my comfort zone. I wanted to interact and meet more people outside of Asia and broaden my perspective of the world. It was a great learning experience because I experienced the cultural difference of Asia and other countries and how different people interact. I feel like people in Canada really enjoy their jobs and it's more laidback there.

Things that he/she regrets not doing during their university/college life

  • Immersing myself in classes more 

    • I wish enjoyed learning and taking up more classes like case studies and other practical lectures

What career advice would you recommend for job hunters?

  • Knowing about the system

    • My biggest frustration was not knowing about the system. It’s important to know the big picture and that everyone is experiencing the same thing as you. Especially in such a competitive nature like Japan, it's important to not be affected by rejection and to just move on and keep applying.  With interviews for example, they really give you a chance regardless of your background. Positions are also really flexible like getting a sales or finance role despite your major. Overall, I wish I was more aware of the system and the rejection that comes with it.

  • Being Proactive 

    • With job hunting, it’s important to stay proactive and do as much as you can on your own. Continue researching by finding the newest information, reach out to senpias to ask for advice and understand job hunting culture in Japan as much as you can.

How did you succeed?

  • On the mental aspect, I would take breaks or a rest after a week after a rejection. This helped me reflect and be more prepared for the next interview. For example, I’d make a list of what I’d have to do, like brushing up on what I would say in interviews and making a script then recording myself to see how my interview is like and figure out where I can improve. I also got a lot of advice from people who experienced shukatsu. 

  • As for deciding what company I wanted to go to, I wanted a global, independent and dynamic work environment where I can grow, which is also why I applied for gaishi companies.

What are the beneficial skills needed for working in Japan?

  • Communication Skills

    • It’s important to have good communication skills. In Japan, some people are really indirect and you have to read between the lines. It’s also important to be respectful and use professional communication styles.

  • Being Flexible

    • Be adaptable to working in a new environment, often, one that is very fast-paced

    • Be adaptable to the shakaijin lifestyle and learning to interact with different people (personalities, backgrounds)

What does Account Manager Do?

Recommended Job-hunting Resource

  • JPort 

    • Interact with JPort members and Senpais who can provide you with resources and advice.

    • I really love the JPort platform because they make content from the perspective of international students like me!

  • LinkedIn 

    •  Look for senpais that are working in similar industries or careers

    • Don’t be afraid to reach out to them! You can reach out by saying: “Sorry for the sudden message, currently I’m a student at xx and I'm in the middle of my job hunting. I’m really interested in your experiences and company,  is it possible to have a 30 minute call with you?”

  • Youtube